Get In Shape Girl

Anyone remember these sets?

I had forgotten about them until recently, when my kids--who will literally play with anything--found some ribbon on their dress-up hats, took it off, and proceeded to use it like ribbon is used in rhythmic gymnastics. It too me straight back to 198? when we had the gymnast version of Get In Shape Girl. I hated everything girly as a child, but I do remember loving this and playing with it for hours on end. I thought it was so funny and creative that they removed ribbon to do rhythmic gymnastics, so I decided to make them each one. The ribbon from their hats wasn't quite long enough. I took a foam paint brush and popped the foam part off, then I let them choose a piece of ribbon. They both chose light pink. I used hot glue to glue it to paint brush.

They have put on quite a few shows this week. They take turns singing and dancing. Here are some pictures from Addie's show today.

Sorry for the blurry pictures. She doesn't have down yet the concept of holding still.

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