Foil Painting

The kids and I are visiting my parents this week and we have been busy. We have gone to a petting zoo, hit up a playground, gone fishing, slept out in a tent in the backyard with my dad (girls not me), and swum with some good friends. We will be finish the week at Disney Junior Live. Needless to say, we are having a great time and the girls can't stop asking when we are going to the "show." It can be difficult to keep your little ones out of trouble when visiting relatives, so I always bring some staple craft supplies and a few of their favorite toys. I have been wanting to do this project with them and when I opened my mom's cabinet, I saw a giant bottle of white glue. I knew that it was meant to be! I remember doing this in elementary school. First you take a coloring page--we chose some out of our favorite Hello Kitty coloring book. Then I put a healthy amount of white glue on the lines of the entire picture.

Then let it dry, which takes a long time because of the amount of glue that you need. We let ours dry overnight and then I covered the pictures with foil. I just took my finger and molded the foil over the glue so you could see the picture. On the right side you can see what the glue looks like when it dries. It becomes clear and it gets much flatter.

Next I gave the girls watercolors. I encouraged them to only use one color. I only mentioned it once. Addie painted hers like she normally would using many different colors. Anna stuck with black.

Here is a closeup of Anna's.

Next time I will have them use foam brushes. I think this would make it easier to give it an even coat. The idea is that the paint should be in all of the relief areas and the part where the glue is would be blank. 

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