CVC Words and Play Dough

Anna, Adelyn and I have been playing "school" all summer. This is my way of tricking them into learning. We go to the craft room, get out some school supplies and play. They don't even realize they are learning. The ex-teacher in me loves doing this! The other day Anna was begging to do play dough and I happened to remember that my friend gave me all of these cool letter stamps. Anna and I made pancakes and then we used our letter stamps to work on word families/cvc words. The cool part about stamping the word into the play dough you can just squish another letter on top. No need to mold and shape and redo. Or if you were using paper erasing. So basically we would make a word such as can. Then we would change the first letter to make new words (ban, tan, pan, fan, ran, etc.). Then we would make a new word such as pat (rat, sat, fat, cat, mat). After I modeled it I let Anna try. As we stamped each letter I would have her sound out each word. She has already asked me to do this again.

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