Crayola Experience

We planned to go with our friends (Brina, Ben, Aaron and Zachary) to an outdoor water theme park this week. Both husbands were off, our kids not in camp and our schedules lined up. They showed up at our house at 9am, all of us in bathing suits when we looked outside. 


Rain clouds.

Sprinkles of rain.

Time to rethink and come up with another plan! We decided on the Crayola Experience in Easton, PA. It was a long, rainy drive with all eight of us in our minivan. Brina and I shared the back seat with Simon while the three oldest kids watched movies in middle row. Jared and Ben were riding in the luxurious front seats, child free and roomy.
We went on a rainy Wednesday. It was PACKED!! (I would guess going on a nicer weekday after school is in session would make for less lines.) We had a blast though! You walk into a burst of color; the very tempting gift shop on your left, (more on that later!), to the ticket counter and up the steps or elevator to the museum. 

We started on the top floor and made our way down. It was HOT up there! This floor was home to play with melted crayons. You could do drip art with melted crayons, spin art with melted crayons and melted crayon figurines.
Next up was the water room. There were crayon boats that you lead through a big water table. After that we went to the "Doodle in the Dark" room. It was dark with a bunch of boards with markers that appeared to glow. It looked awesome! The kids were super into their drawings and one of the staff members helped the kids get spaces to draw!
There was show to demonstrate how they make crayons, arts and crafts and areas that take tokens to make personalized crayons and markers. There were parts of the museum we never got to (modeling clay, indoor playground, and many more attractions that I really want to make a return visit to experience!

One of the highlights for me was the gift shop. They have a section in the back where you can buy a tin for either $10.99 or $14.99 (the more expensive one fits markers) and you can fill it with as many crayons and/ore markers as you can fit. Zachary was smart, his red markers always run out first so he layered with a bunch of red ones! Simon and Aaron were less deliberate while Maya was the last to finish with a perfectly organized pink and purple selection.
We had a great day there and we definitely plan to go back, hopefully when it's less crowded, to check out the rest of the experience!

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