Bathroom Vanity Redo

My kids' bathroom cabinet needed a little love, so I decided to paint it and I had some good luck on this mini bathroom makeover project. I used the leftover paint that I had from this project (which I LOVE!) and painted the kids' bathroom cabinet. We will eventually remodel this entire bathroom, but I wanted to paint the cabinet to make it a little more appealing in the meantime. First I took off all of the doors and hardware. Next I gave the doors, inside of cabinet and cabinet face a light sanding with a medium grit sanding block. Then I painted the inside of the cabinet and cabinet face with two coats of paint. First I used a brush to cut in the corners and edges, then I used a smooth finish roller to paint the rest. Each time--while I waited for the cabinet to dry--I painted a coat on the doors.

I wanted to replace the hardware with new hardware, but when I went to the hardware store the only hinges that would work looked the exact same as the ones that I already had. So I opted for $5 worth of black semi-gloss spray paint. I first sanded the hardware with a medium grit sanding block then I painted the backs of the hardware first. I did this because it is summer and spray paint can stay tacky for a long time. I knew that when I flipped them over to paint the other side it may stick, but this wouldn't really matter on the back of the hardware and I only sprayed them so that they wouldn't rust. Then I flipped over and sprayed the other side.

After everything was dry, I put the cabinet back together.

 Now I just need to paint the walls get a new light fixture, faucet, toilet and a frame around the mirror and we will be all set until we are ready to do the major renovation project.


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