Saving Glory

I recently went on a hunt in our playroom for a small toy that would sink in a bowl of water so I could freeze it inside. I saw this and thought the girls would love it if I put  my own spin on it. After gathering a few things only one thing would actually sink and it was a tiny rubber My Little Pony. I had no idea what her name was so I googled it and found out that her name was Glory. So I made up a back story. I told the girls that I just received an email and that their beloved my little pony was stolen and we needed to save her. I told them that some bad guys took Glory and put her in a block of ice. Then I told them that the only way to free her was to squirt the ice with a squirt gun. So I gave them each a squirt gun and told them that the bad guys said they left Glory outside in the driveway. So we ran outside to find her. Even though it was pretty hot outside they still spent thirty minutes squirting the ice to melt it. When they got down to the end they dropped the ice on the ground and that was what freed Glory. They really loved this and wanted to do it again right away. It was really hard to explain to Adelyn that it would take a few hours to freeze Glory again. They insisted that I put it back in the freezer right away. So I did and we did it again with our friend Emerson later that day. They loved it again!

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