Anyone here watch the show Arrested Development? Does the title of this post remind you Tobias being a "never nude"? That show is so funny, watch it!

On to the point of my post...have you ever heard of NeverWet? Check out this video, it intrigued Alan and then us to the point of buying some.

I very much dislike wet feet. I will actually use the word hate. I HATE having wet feet! NeverWet, is a two step process to waterproof everything. We started with my cheap, canvas shoes from 5Below because did I mention that I HATE wet feet??

Alan took my shoes outside to NeverWet and sprayed it on a plastic bag. He followed the directions on the bottles, sprayed them with each of the steps and we waited until after dinner to try them out. It totally works. It is crazy to watch the water just bounce off of them! Bring on the rain!!!!

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