Monster Spray

Who has a child that doesn't go easily to bed? Everyone? Yep. That's what I thought. This is one of the most common parenting dilemmas. The fear of monsters is one of the things may keep up our little ones up. When Anna was 3 she had a fear of monsters and I would pretend to fight them with a broom. I'm sure I looked totally crazy, but it helped her to feel safe. Recently my cousin (a mother of two) told me some of her good ideas for the blog. This is one that she shared and is such a great idea! 

Monster Spray. She has a friend who gives her son a spray bottle of water and then she asks him to spritz a little under his bed and around his room in order to keep away the monsters.  
As I write this post, I wonder when my Adelyn will start this? Will it be easier for her because she and her sister Anna share a room? I will definitely keep this in mind for Addie and Will! I am thinking that you could get a label and have the kids to write "monster spray" on the bottle and decorate it themselves. Also, maybe you could add some sort of scent to it, like lavender. Isn't lavender supposed to have a calming effect? Let me know if you try it and it works.

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