Mirror Image

My nephews are visiting and I have been working hard to keep them busy. Today we decided to do some painting on the patio. I recently bought a little book of paint paper. We used it to make mirror image art. I folded the paper in half and exposed just the part that I wanted them to paint on. When they finished their pictures, we folded them in half and rubbed the outside of the paper. This transferred the image to the other side of the paper. It was really hot here today. Anna's spent so much time painting her one side that it dried too much before we transferred the image. It turned out beautiful but it just didn't transfer as well as the others. 

Adelyn was so tired she got mad when I encouraged her to paint only on one side. Her's turned out really awesome!

Liam loved doing this he chose all blue for his work of art. His isn't to shabby either!

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