How To Fix Your Toms

I have a pair of black Toms and I LOVED them so much that I wore tiny holes in the toes. What is a crafty Mamma to do?

For awhile now I have been thinking about how to fix them. I thought a patch might work, then it occurred to me that a patch needs to be on the outside. Then I thought about sewing them, and when I tried to do this, I realized that it would pull the shoe in a weird way. So that didn't work either. Then today I came up with an AWESOME idea. I recently organized my craft room (more on this to come) and I came across this fabric glue. First I tucked into the holes all of the loose threads, then I oozed the glue to glue the holes shut. 

Originally I wanted to buy the splatter paint Tom's, but when I went to the store they only had the solid colored ones. So I settled for the black ones. Since prior to this "fix" job I wasn't wearing these at all I figured it couldn't hurt to try to splatter paint them. I figured if they turned out bad I could just throw them away. Before I started I taped off all of the areas that I didn't want paint. I covered both of the Tom's logos as well as the elastic on the top.

Then I took them outside with some acrylic paint in my favorite colors (aqua, white, and silver) and I used the back of the brush to dip into the paint and I flicked it all over the shoes.

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