Fireworks, Fireworks!

Yesterday was low key for us. We had our friends Alan and Kristen over; it was Kristen's birthday (21 again) and we didn't get to celebrate with her last weekend. Since it was the fourth I decided to make her a combo birthday and 4th of July cake.

Kristen LOVES pumpkin! I know it sounds like a winter cake but we did pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing and "fireworks". "Fireworks?" you say? Oh yes, what is the closest thing you can find to edible fireworks? That's right, POP ROCKS!! They also happen to be one of Kristen's favorite candies. Apparently she was made to share her birthday cake with the 4th of July.

I made the cake, iced it and sprinkled one packet of strawberry Pop Rocks and one packet of tropical punch. Next time I'll put the Pop Rocks on just before serving because the moisture of the icing made the pop immediately so we had to sprinkle more when served. Also the tropical punch turned green after it was on for a bit. It was a fun cake that will certainly be made again!
Yesterday morning I met up with my friend for a run. (We ended up taking a nice walk instead!) We ended up at her house for some hand me downs for Simon and she was telling me about the fireworks party they had with their boys in the basement. I had no idea what they were talking about!! They told me to go downstairs and I'd understand. I was amazed at their boys' cleverness!

Since they missed the fireworks last night they decided to recreate them on their own. They cut out white paper in "firework" shapes, colored them and put them up under the basement lights. (The lights were dimmed and never left unattended to make sure they weren't a fire hazard!) They used a black light and they all wore white and used light up toys and danced to music. I have to imagine that it is an amazing family memory!

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