I always thought I must have irregular shaped ears. The only earphones I could ever get to be comfy were the ones that were the old school over the ear headphones. I finally just got the cheapest pair of headphones from the Bed Bath and Beyond clearance section and resolved to keep fidgeting with the ear-buds the whole time I ran. I considered it a distraction from running. (Glass half full attitude!)
A few weeks ago my Mom and Sister were raving about their ear-buds. They showed me their awesome headphones and they fit GREAT. I was all set to amazon.com it when I found out they are about $150. While it could be worth it in the long run I have other things to put my money towards. (Let's start with my current Jamberry Nails obsession!) 
When I went home that night an ad popped up on facebook for these things called Earhoox. I don't usually go for these ads but it was a new company giving free samples of these things that you put on your existing ear-buds that look EXACTLY like the part of my Sister and Mom's ear-buds that I thought were so great! It was $4 for shipping so I gave it a try. If they didn't work for me than I would know not to waste my money on the super expensive ones. 

I gave them on a try on Saturday night and they were perfect. No more fiddling with my earphones. Just me, my audiobook and the open road. It's the little things in life that make me happy!

Click HERE to get your free pair!

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