DIY Water Table

One of our favorite things to play with this summer has been the water table. The girls love to have pretend tea parties, play with their mermaid, and pour water from one object into another. On our last trip to visit my in-laws it was really hot! I wanted to play outside with the kids, but of course I didn't bring the water table. I decided to improvise. First, I got the little plastic picnic table and found the only tiny square of shade I could find. Next I found some things that would hold a decent amount of water: a large bucket and a plastic file box. Then I grabbed some plastic storage containers. I even found some empty plant containers (which were so fun because of the holes in the bottom). Addie did this for hours. Anna did it for about an hour and then colored, but because she was wet she didn't get too hot being outside. It was a little hectic, so I was only able to snap one picture, but I think you get the point. If you have been wanting to do some water play and don't have a water table, make your own!

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