4th of July Wands

I grew up loving sparklers. While I'd love to be able to give them to my kids, Simon is at an age which would end in singed hair at best! The kids love to wave things around so I thought I'd make my own, safer, version!
First I had Maya and Simon pick up some sticks. Maya LOVES to, as she says, collect nature. She has a bug collection that she and our friend Alan have started that hangs on her wall. She even had my mother in law collecting cicadas for her this past week! 
After our nature collecting we started our "sparklers". I folded some paper and let Maya get cutting. 
Do the same with the white and blue construction paper and layer them on top of each other. Staple ONE side and lay them on a table. Place a piece of tape on one side and place the stick on top. Begin rolling the stick towards the paper until the whole thing is rolled up.
Next "fluff" out your paper fireworks/sparklers. I added some washi tape over the scotch tape just because I love it!

I took Maya outside to take some pictures to show you. She could not stop waving that wand around and dancing so ALL the pictures of the wand came out blurry! She definitely had a GREAT time playing with it and I'm hoping to find a 4th of July parade to attend to wave it!

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