You Can't Break Anything Here!

Philadelphia area people might already be familiar but, if not, let me tell you about the Please Touch Museum! When we lived in Philly we went often but, since we moved to New Jersey, it's not as close so we haven't been in a while. We miss it!!

My sister in law, Beth, got a Living Social deal for the museum and we took Maya, Simon and my nephew Mason. We went on a Saturday so it was busier than on a week day but it was very manageable. The staff is conscientious and friendly, the museum is very clean and the atmosphere inviting. From my experience, if you have the flexibility, weekday afternoons are the most empty but, if you don't, go on the weekend!

We began with the water area. All three kids were taken by the swishes, plastic ducks and splashes and didn't want to move on. We finally made it to "Alice In Wonderland" where the kids got lost in mirror mazes and fairy tale play area for under 3s. 

When Simon saw the trucks he bee-lined. He referred to every vehicle in the museum as "my truck" or "my car". So nice of him to share! Beth took Maya to do an art project while Simon drove Mason and I to "Seatbelt". That's what he told us. Near "his" trucks there was a Shop Rite grocery store, hospital, shoe store and a few other stores in their mini city.

This museum appealed to all three of the kids aged 15 months to 5.5 years. I would highly recommend visiting if you're in the area!

Here are a few tips to share:
No need to pay for parking. All the streets around there are free parking unless you see signs otherwise and I've never had a problem finding spots.

Tickets are good from one year of the date printed on unused tickets. For example, if you buy a Living Social promotion and can't use the promotion before it expires, buy the tickets and you can use them for one year. Am I making sense?

Bring your own food. While I have had the food there and it is actually good you can bring your own and save money!

Check showtimes and get there a few minutes early. The shows are WORTH IT! They have amazing live and interactive puppet shows. 

The carousel is out of order until the beginning of July.

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