Simon ate the A

I love scavenger hunts (maybe even more than kids)! I saw a picture of this and thought it would be so FUN! Yesterday Anna had two of her best buds Maya and Brookie over. As they finished their lunches I went out to the driveway and wrote the letters A to Z. Then I brought everyone out and explained what we were going to do. Then we went letter by letter thinking of something that started with each letter in the Alphabet and then going to find it and putting it on top of the letter. The first two letters were easy A-Anna, B-Brookie, next was C-Cookie, D-One of Williams Diapers, E-Eggs, F-Finger, G-Golf Club, H-Hula Hoop, I-Ice, J-Jelly, K-Keys, L-Lemon, M-Maya, N-Nightgown, O-Octogan, P-Will's Pirates Hat (RTJR, duh!), Q-Sarah was the Queen (with a tiara), R-Ring, S-Sock, T-Sarah's Tea, U-Umbrella, V-Vaccumn, W-William, X-we couldn't find our xylophone so we used a sonogram of William and called it an X-ray, Y-Brookies Yellow Headband, Z-Zipper. It took us about thirty minutes to get through the alphabet. At some point they decided they needed to put an apple on the A which they did and a few minutes later we looked a Simon and he was eating it. We all found this quite humorous and I think Sarah was proud that he went for the apple instead of the cookie! Here is most of what they found Addie and Simon were having a great time rearranging (and eating) all of the items so it was impossible to get a picture of everything.

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