Silver Diner: Our Other Kitchen

Sarah is known to introduce her friends to the things she likes; she's a creature of habit! Of course she passed on her love of the Silver Diner to Mandi and, well, all her friends! We are in there so much that the servers recognize us, one girl in particular whom we are embarrassed to say, we don't actually know her name. Sometimes I wonder if they think that we are one large crazy family; two moms, two dads and a boatload of kids!

We had the opportunity to try their newest menu and we jumped at the chance! We brought the families and smushed in a booth. (We like to be cozy!) The kids colored with the crayons and place mats they provided and entertained themselves on the tableside jukebox. We love the kid friendliness of the place. Kids night is Tuesdays complete with facepainting, crafts and balloon artists, all free of charge. TOTALLY worth it!
Now back to the food! We were hungry so we got a lot. Our order was:
Hot Wings - They are among the best in the area!
Black Bean Hummus - Amazing! We expected hummus made out of black beans but it was regular hummus with black beans mixed in. Very well seasoned and very tasty!

We decided to get two meals and split them. We couldn't decide! The husbands got their own, guess they are more decisive than us!
Warm Roasted Veggie Salad - While it may not sound like a summer salad (warm?!) it was extremely satisfying. Perfect blend of things we would never think to put in a salad but work well together. Sarah gets this almost every time she goes there!
Local Flat Iron Steak - Do you like blue cheese? Do you like steak? Enough said, it was great!!
Greek Lamb Sliders - If Sarah doesn't get the roasted veggie salad than she gets this. Tzatziki, onions, feta, rocket greens on a wheat bun with a Greek side salad. Perfect meal!
Build Your Own Burger - Great burgers done the way you like it!
Waffles, Strawberries and Eggs Kids Meals - All the kids had the same thing and all the kids gobbled it up!

Ice Cream
Chocolate Cake
This menu for this season has proven to be a hit for our families. We really hope they keep these things on the menu year round! We love Silver Diner for the tasty food, healthy and seasonal options and the fact they buy local. Try it!

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