Sarah's Staycation Day 3 - Goodwill

Our third day trip was another trip to Goodwill with Alan and Kristen! I've learned that I can't go in with a mission but I admit, I did have a few things in mind! I was on the look out for tea cups to use for Maya's birthday party which isn't until November. (Never too early to start!) 

Today we found some chairs that, according to Alan's research, we believe to be mid-century chairs from one of UPenn's libraries. (This is based on the sheer amount of chairs they had that were next to tables that said UPenn. We researched what was recently renovated at UPenn and that's how we figured it out. We are sleuths!)

We also got three suitcases from the 60s and 70s as well as a pair of like new shoes that I was definitely eying in the store last year and sweatpants for around the house wear. At 99¢ per pound, how can you go wrong! Check back for a project I have in mind for the chairs and suitcases...

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