Patriotic Pony Beads

Ever since I had kids I wanted to be the family that decorated for every holiday. Problem is I don't. I'm never good at remembering to put things up on time, take them down or, let's be honest, remember to get them! I'm trying to be more creative and get the kids involved so that they help remind me to decorate!

I was racking my brain for a patriotic craft that was different. The kids work with construction paper A LOT so something different would hopefully keep their attention longer. I was inspired by this post by The Artful Parent. Instead of making sun catchers we made patriotic mosaics which we made into garland. After this project I think we will be making actual sun catchers soon! 

Here's what you need:
plastic pony beads
metal muffin tins (or other shape of your choice)
1. Arrange the beads in a single layer in the muffin tins.
2. Place the tins in the oven at 400ºF convection for 8 minutes. If your oven isn't convection it might need a bit longer. We used a toaster oven that we put outside to bake so the fumes weren't around us and let the kids watch them back through the window which was great since they couldn't get too close to the toaster. The plastic stinks when it's cooking and I can't imagine it's good for you! It also smokes towards the end of baking.
3. Take out and cool completely.
4. Drill holes in the two sides of the circles and string them together. Now decorate your house!!
Where did you hang your garland? Ours is on our bulletin board.  

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  1. Have you ever seen fuse or perler beads? This made me think of them. You arrange them on a peg board and then iron them to melt them together and I don't remember them smelling (but it's a long time since I've tried it). Google it, people make some incredible pictures with them!


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