Once Upon a Picture

Ever walk through the dollar section of Target while on your own, and are so happy that you are on your own that you buy too much? Right, me neither. Anyway one time at Target I may have purchased a boat load of blank book with no particular plans for them. 

Fast forward to a few days ago when it was raining. I went through my craft stuff, one of my organization projects that are still organized, to find something for them to do. I found these, pulled out some markers (and some aprons since the markers were permanent) and set them to work during Simon's nap. 
I suggested that they make picture books since their spelling skills currently consist of "Mom/Sarah, can you please spell 'once upon a time a girl lived in a purple castle...'" While I love that they are so interested in spelling I want them to focus on the stories and less on the words. I did help them with the titles but then it was pictures only. They had so much fun creating their stories and have already worked on their next books in their series'. Thankfully I bought so many books; I'll pretend that was because of foresight and not impulse!

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