Movie Night Birthday Party: Act 1

I have been hesitant about writing this post because we did so many cool things and I wanted to share them all with you so I am going to break this party up into several posts. My oldest child Anna wanted to have a movie night birthday party for her fifth birthday. It is so crazy to me to think that she is already five years old. They are not joking when they that time flies by so fast! She started talking about this and planning it a year in advance. She is quite the little planner. Although I must admit she comes by it honestly.

As it got closer to her birthday it occurred to me that this party meant we would be inviting around fifty people to my house (25 of which were children) seven weeks after having William. I know, I know I am crazy (believe me I hear this all of the time). I did a few things to make it easier on me. First I used evite. This is a free (yes free!) site where you can create a customized invitation for any occasion.You create it and email it to everyone on your list. Then the rest of the work is done by evite. It keeps track of all of your RSVP's and it even sends guests a reminder email a few days before the party. As I browsed the available invitation stumbled on one that was a movie ticket stub. I was psyched. The second thing I did was schedule the party in the evening  This way I (plus Sarah and my husband) would have the whole day to get ready for the party. I asked the guests to wear their favorite pajamas (then they are already for bed) because that's what we do when we have a movie night in our house and I thought the kids would think it was fun.

When the guests arrived I (running around like a chicken with my head cut off while nursing the baby and delegating jobs to whoever walked through the door) I asked one my good friends to gather up the kids as they arrived and do a craft with the them. They made these lion masks out of paper plates (we showed the movie Madagascar 3). This is the one that Maya made didn't she did a great job? I drew a circle on the plate and asked her to color it in yellow then I asked her to color the outside orange I showed her how to make the edges look like fringe with scissors. To prepare for the craft Sarah drew a circle on each plate and cut the eyes out. I had Maya and Anna make them the day before so that we could hang them up for decoration (also so the other kids could see the finished product).

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