Little Knitter

When is a child old enough to learn to knit? I've tried a few times and my five and a half year old daughter, Maya, has finally taken to it! We started on some scrap yarn but it just wasn't right. I wanted bigger needles and thicker yarn so she would see the progress to keep her motivated. We went to Loop in Philly, one of the shops I frequented when we lived there. I used to take Maya there when she was a baby and, to my surprise, they remembered us! I just love local yarn shops...
Maya and I had fun on our mother daughter date to choose her supplies. I figure that I should get her hooked on the good stuff, she will get super into knitting and then we can get some cheaper stuff to supplement. She chose a chunky, thick and thin variegated yarn, Malabrigo Aquarella in the colorway Paysandu, which is beautiful pinks and purples. She got some Crystal Palace bamboo needles in size 11 and she also chose a cute project bag, I'm a sucker for knitting supplies! If my husband and two year old weren't waiting for us we might have purchased more...
We got started that night. She sat on my lap and I cast on ten stitches. She watched me do a few stitches, we did a few with her hands on mine and then I watched and coached her while she finished the row. She did amazing for a beginner! It was so hard to let her make mistakes because I knew how to fix them but she really seemed to get it. We are now trying to knit together when we have down time and she has dubbed it her "favorite thing". She even brought it in for show and tell!

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