Laundry Update

After two weeks of doing everyone's laundry separately, I have some things to share.

1. This will only work for you if you don't care if your laundry is sorted (darks, lights, and whites)
2. If something really needs to be washed, just toss it in with whose ever clothes you are doing that day.
3. It is so much easier to put this laundry away. IT IS AMAZING! I have always been good at doing the laundry, but not so good about sorting it and putting it away. I saw this a few months ago and thought it was a great idea, but my laundry room doesn't have the space for this and because it is a walk through from the garage, it seemed impossible. Giving everyone their own basket is the same idea just works better for our house.
4. I LOVE my new washer and dryer. I think you could fit a couch in there if you wanted! The interesting thing about this purchase is that we went with the medium priced washer and dryer by Samsung, but it had better reviews on Consumer Reports than the more expensive model, proving that more expensive doesn't always mean better. My husband and and I love to do research before buying products--especially appliances. This purchase alone paid for the membership to Consumer Reports ($30) and saved us $200 per appliance. I went for the top loader because unlike the front loader, you can open it mid-cycle (like when you drop a sock that must make it into the current load for your sanity).

Someone in my family is definitely guilty of the above! Especially if they are asked to make a bed, the sheets are NEVER dry! This one pretty much sums up how I feel about laundry and especially ironing!

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