It's a Joke!

So I have this friend, Alan. He's one of those people who will go for a challenge, especially if its funny. One of his friends found a strange picture, one that has been circulating facebook. Chances are you might have seen it but if not, here it is:
Alan's friend joked with him that he needed to take a picture of him with his cat, Emily, and have it posed similarly. When we were all together one time he mentioned it and how funny it would be to do that picture but he certainly wasn't going to pay for that! Since Mandi and I have started blogging I've been learning a lot about Photoshop and I decided to offer up my services. I figured that it was good trial and error and an opportunity to learn more about photo editing and, if it didn't turn out right it was okay. So here is what I came up with: 
New business for me? Creepy cat pictures? I find it amusing and had fun learning new things about Photoshop. For all my hard work I need to make sure that Alan hangs it up in his living room. To be fair I think I need to do one of our friend (and Alan's wife) Kristen posing with EmilyCat. I wouldn't want her to feel left out...

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