Ice Ice Baby

I saw this and thought I would try it. Today was a very hot day here and I decided it was perfect for Ice Chalk. I mixed a cup of corn starch with a cup of water (just like when I made sidewalk paint). 

Next I poured the mixture into the ice cube trays and added one drop of food coloring to each shape. Anna helped me to stir them up!

We then put them in the freezer.

The chalk is pretty frigid, but I will warn you: it is more of a thing to play with and less of a thing to make art with. It was still really fun, just not what I had expected! The girls' first instinct was to use it like sidewalk chalk, but it doesn't really write. It feels cool, a little like frozen ooblec.

Then they decided to let it melt a little bit and to use paint brushes to paint it. Either way, it was a fun activity for a hot day!

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