How Did My Mom Do It?

Remember my sticker organization project that worked so well for me? Well, while that worked to get my house organized but it's just not staying that way! My house is definitely less cluttered and things have a place but they are not getting there! I need a game plan to maintain organization!

I'm inspired by Mandi's laundry system and, as soon as my laundry is caught up, I'm starting that! There are now baskets in each room and two in mine and they are quickly filling up. I need to assign each basket a day to be washed and stick to it!

I'm a visual person so I think I need a calendar with my "chores" for the day so I can SEE them. I know that I SEE the mess but I need direction to help me organize my time. I found this blog, A Bowl Full of Lemons, specifically this post and I'm inspired. The cleaning checklist below is a good start for me, hopefully it will be a visual reminder of what I need to do. Maybe I should take a tip from potty training and give myself a treat every time I finish the list...I need motivation!
Does anyone have a system that works for them to keep up with the organizing? Help!!!! 

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