Father's Day Tie Cupcakes

Anna wasn't really that interested in helping me make cupcakes for our Father's Day BBQ. (Thanks Jared and Sarah!) So I came up with the idea to make tiny ties and bow ties. She loved this project (every project), so while the cupcakes were baking (I used this recipe, it actually makes 36 cupcakes so you may want to double your frosting recipe depending on how you are going to ice them, I used this one) I cut out the shapes like this. I really wanted to obsess about making these perfect, but I decided not to.

Then she decorated them as she liked. She used pastels and colored just the front of every tie and bow tie. Her dad wears a tie to work everyday so she has seen a lot of ties. She colored a lot of them stripped, which I thought was very appropriate!

Next she glued a toothpick to each one.

I iced the cupcakes using a large star tip. I bought this set on Amazon. I have to admit: this may have been the best $9 I have ever spent! Hope you had an excellent Father's Day!

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