Another Little Knitter

Ever since I taught Maya how to knit I've thought about teaching her friend, Anna, since they are together a lot. I figured that when they have down time they could knit together. Maya finds it relaxing so it was worth a try! 
I had a gift card to Joann Fabric along with a few coupons so I decided to find Anna some PINK knitting supplies to entice her. I did the same as what I did for Maya: thick yarn and big needles!

I also approached the teaching the same way. We sat together on a couch, I showed her a few stitches, we did a few together and then I coached her. She also caught on quickly!! She was so proud of herself and her dad even took pictures to show her grandma who also knits!
Yesterday was Maya and Anna's dance recital. They did a great job up there on stage! We all got together with a friend to get ready and they were starting to get antsy. I asked Anna what I could do to make her feel more relaxed and she answered, "I just want to knit!" So we did.

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