Track and Field Dropout

I was a track and field drop out. I tried it, made it through one race and quit quickly afterwards. I thought distance runners were insane and I just knew that I would never have the stamina to do it. I was athletic in other ways, I did gymnastics and tae kwon do but running was just not for me, end of story!

Fast forward to one year ago. I'm mom of two kids just waiting for some sort of fancy new gadget to come out that would allow me to exercise while I'm sleeping. Here came Mandi who asked me to run. I decided to humor her (mostly so I could stuff my face with junk and not feel as badly about it for one day). 

The first time I ran with her she must have HATED me. We went one mile and by the end I thought that I was going to fall over. I didn't think I'd make it the thirty feet up my sloped driveway into the house and I was sore for days! Surprisingly I did it again. And again. (Mandi is a good motivator!) It even started to be fun! I was running a few days a week, picked up another runner in our neighborhood and made it a habit. It made me feel good, gave me an outlet and I could catch up on audio books when I ran alone. No, I'm not a music person when I run, I listen to books to distract me!

Then the crazy part happened; I signed up for the Broad Street Run. For those of you not familiar it's a ten mile run through Philly. TEN MILES. If someone told me a year ago that I'd run ten miles in one day I'd have thought they were insane. (Maybe I am!) I was stepping out of my comfort zone to do something I never, in my thirty two years, thought possible.

So fast forward again to yesterday. I woke up at the crack of dawn, got my cuppa Pg Tips tea, breakfast and met some friends to drive into Philly. It was freezing, we waited twenty minutes to use smelly porta-potties and waited for the beginning of the race. It was chilly but the energy was amazing. People everywhere were wearing red socks in support of Boston (Red Sox, get it??), chatting with others around them and bouncing to keep warm.

The race began and it was incredible. My friend Dana was an amazing running partner, we chatted the whole time. (Mandi, get ready to join us next year!) It was hard but we motivated each other and made it to the end! I'll admit, I wanted to stop towards the end but with all those runners around me I figured that if they could do it than I could too!

I randomly ran into one of my old coworkers (awesome to see her again), my sister and niece came out to cheer us on, met up with my college friend, Teresa and her fiance, Aaron, and ran into the babysitter of one of Maya's friends near the parking lot. I even made two new friends, Michele and Pam; we had sort of known each other before but definitely bonded yesterday! Though I can't seem to walk properly at the moment I am hooked. I want to do it again!

Here is a big thanks to Mandi for motivating me to run, Dana for getting me to run faster and Jared for taking the kids so I could train! I finished, running my fastest and most miles ever, and super thankful that it's over! Now when is there a half marathon I can sign up for....

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