Tornado in a Bottle

We recently watched the original Wizard of Oz, even though Anna was really scared of the "green witch." It sparked a host of questions about tornados. Since I am not an expert on tornadoes, I went to and did a little research, which I then shared with the girls. It was probably way more than they grasped. I had been trying to think of a fun project to do with them all day and this conversation reminded me of making a tornado in a bottle as a kid. I am not a hoarder (I swear!), but I do save anything that I think could be used for a project. So I went to my craft room and found some small glass bottles that previously contained seltzer water. Then I had Anna and Addie (Oops, I mean Princess Cinderella) peel off the labels.

Then we went outside to put glitter in the bottles. Addie goes crazy every time she sees glitter and says "I sprinkle it" over and over. 

Here is a close up so you can get an idea of how much glitter they used. They would have been happy to use more, but I cut them off. If I hadn't done that they would probably be outside still putting glitter in those little bottles, ha!

Then they filled the bottles with water.

Then shake shake shake!

Since we made these in a simplified way, you actually have to hold the bottle by the lid and swirl the water to create a tornado. They didn't seem to mind it at all. In fact they loved this!

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