Tea Party in a Box

My kids love tea parties. They have several tea sets both for inside and outside. We have real tea parties with apple tea, and we have pretend tea parties with air and water (sometimes Addie forgets to pretend and drinks the water). When Anna was given this as a gift, I knew she was going to love it. The beauty of this game is it is so simple that Addie can also play it too. That is if we can get her to sit for thirty seconds. It is very adorable and well constructed and for ages 3 and up. It comes with a tablecloth (super fancy), a tea pot spinner, and 4 cardboard sets of plates tea cups, utensils, sandwiches, desserts, and cream and sugar. Players take turns spinning the spinner. They must first collect a plate and then one from each of the categories. At the end there are no winners or losers. Just a cute little tea party!

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