Super-Simple Mother's Day Craft

Today we had a playdate with our friend Michelle and her son Seth. We met them at Addie and Simon's tumbling class. This morning I was scrambling to think of something that would be age appropriate for Anna and Maya (both 5) as well as Addie, Simon, and Seth (all 2). I came up with the idea of decorating pots and planting seeds. I was thinking tiny terracotta pots and paint, but I didn't have time to run out to get little pots. I was running my idea by Sarah and she remembered that she had some plastic cups. Perfect! 

Plastic cup

First we gave everyone a cup and stickers. They decorated the outside of the cups as they pleased. Here I am helping Seth pick out stickers to decorate his cup.

Do Anna and Maya look like they are having fun?

The little ones loved digging in the dirt!

The big girls decided that this would make a perfect Mother's Day Gift! They are so sweet.

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