Spa-tacular Cupcakes

Dana put me in charge of coming up with a cute idea for the cupcakes. So I started to brainstorm. I knew she was planning on doing mani/pedi's, the flip flop craft and facials. I thought nail polish themed cupcakes would be adorable. While researching this idea, I found a ton of cakes that were spilled nail polish. I discussed it with Dana and Sarah and we decided on nail polish, spilled nail polish, cotton balls, and Q-tips.

First we put a toothpick through a large marshmallow.

Next we took the marshmallows and dipped them into white chocolate that we had colored purple with purple and pink gel food coloring. According to Grandma Rose, they sell purple chocolate, among other colors, at stores like Michael's and Joann Fabrics. She is so smart! She told me this after we made them, so I will try to remember this for the next time. Also, we made the nail polish on two separate occasions. Both times the chocolate got clumpy or "seized up." Apparently if one drop of water gets into the melted chocolate it causes this problem. I googled, "Why is my white chocolate so lumpy/" and figured this out. Then I googled, "How to fix it (thanks Nicole, you are smart too)?" The answer: cooking oil. I used canola. I put one teaspoon into the melted choclate and stirred it up with a spatula; that fixed it. I was so happy!

We used toothpicks to poke holes in the tootsie rolls, otherwise they are way to hard. We decided to let the chocolate harden and then put on the tootsie rolls. Then we made the spills by melting Laffy Taffy in the microwave for 15 seconds. We mushed it around until it looked like a spill. When coloring the chocolate I tried to get it as close to the color of the Laffy Taffy as possible.

For the Q-tip cupcakes we dipped pretzel sticks into white chocolate and then sprinkled clear sprinkles over the white chocolate. For the cotton ball cupcakes, we just crammed on as many mini marshmallows that would fit.

Sarah used this Martha Stewart recipe for the chocolate cupcakes and this recipe for the frosting.

Sarah used a flat spatula to ice the cupcakes using this recipe. Then we placed the toppers on top. We were pretty happy with the result! The Birthday Girl loved them too. Happy 8th Birthday, Sage!

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