No Time To Let My Nails Dry!

I wish I could be one of those people who did their hair and makeup every day and always look put together. I try my hardest not to look like a slob but, well, we all have our days! Put it this way, anything that can help me look put together is excellent in my book!

One of my friends, Kristen, got me into nail polish. We love going out and seeing the new colors, going on hunts for ones we've see online but I find that the only time I can do my nails is right before bedtime which, those of you who have done that would know, it's not the best time!

A few weeks ago my friend from childhood, Jenny, introduced me to Jamberry Nail Shields. She is a mom of three girls, one Maya's age and three year old identical twins. She knows busy!! She hosted an online party for the nail shields and it got me researching; they looked awesome! I went in with a friend of mine and we put in an order for four sheets. Sounds easy, right? Check the website and try to pick out ONLY two patterns!! (I wanted to try a few before I went crazy buying them!)

Here's what attracted me to these particular nail shields: they are NOT nail polish! I have no problem with the nail polish strips except when it's time to take them off. I feel like I spend half my night trying to get nail polish remnants off my nails. These are easy on, easy off! They go on with a heat source (hair dryer) and off the same way. It was SO easy! (You can also soak them in acetone for a "gentler" removal but the heat worked well for me.)

Even better is that you can get at least two manicures and 1-2 pedicures from each sheet! Also if you just do an "odd finger out" manicure (like the picture above) they will last even longer!

My suggestion, if you decide to try them, is to watch some YouTube videos on tips for applying them. I read some reviews where people had some difficulty so I researched, learned their tricks and they went on pretty easily. I can see how it might be quicker with practice but definitely worth it!
Here are some resources I found helpful:

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