Jolly 'Ole Earrings

If you know me than you probably know that I'm obsessed with the UK. I studied theatre there back in college, made some amazing friends, and go back to visit them as often as possible. Our last trip there was just about a year ago with the whole family...excuse me while I reminisce!

Okay, back. Every so often I do searches on Etsy for "union jack". I know, I'm a bit strange! On one search I found the cutest Union Jack earrings for Maya. I put them in my cart and never purchased them. I do that quite a lot just so I can go back and oogle things that I want but aren't ready to buy. These earrings are so reasonably priced but I just didn't know what I would get them for, no birthdays or holidays as an excuse and she really didn't need new earrings. When Jared ordered my Mothers Day necklace he saw them in my cart and ordered them. They arrived yesterday and, on a whim, I tried them on. I didn't take them off for the rest of the day! While they were purchased for Maya we might will be sharing them!

Check out the shop Small Grey Cat for all your adorable earring needs!

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