It's All Happening at the (Staten Island) Zoo

Remember our friend Alan? (His brother is a founder of Timehop.) He and Jared are friends from high school and they recently got back in touch with one of their other friends, Marc. This might not be notable in the age of facebook but it IS notable when your friend is the veterinarian and curator of the Staten Island Zoo and he invites your two families to go on a behind the scenes tour!!!

Marc has been working to revitalize the Zoo for the past year and he has made amazing progress. They went from 700 to 1100 animals and are working on some new projects to enhance the zoo. There is a new leopard habitat that is currently being built along with a carousel which would definitely be appealing to my two young animals.

We started our tour with the nursery. There was a fennec fox, Greg, who was our friend Kristen's favorite. He was super shy but kept peeking out and then running across the room. We also met two groundhogs that were born in March who are the children of the infamous Staten Island Chuck. We also got to meet CC the sloth and Maya got to feed her zucchini! I have to say that, after seeing a sloth in real life, I can officially compare them with how quickly my kids move when we are late for something. SUPER SLOWLY!!!
As Marc was taking us up to his office we bumped into a group of baby emus walking through the hall, you know cause that's just normal when you work at the zoo! It's amazing to see how small they were compared to the size they become.
Marc's office houses his own personal ball pythons. We got to pet them; the kids just went right up to them! I got up my courage to hold her and, as it turns out, they are pretty awesome! Marc said that she is an easy pet to own and, while I'm not looking for any other beings to take care of, I can totally see the allure of having one.
We walked through the snake room where we saw, among the snakes, a gila monster who is housed with a toad. Maya thought the toad looked like poop and it was hysterical!!! (Mostly because she was totally right!!!)
Children's zoo was great! Maya and Simon conversed with the ducks, pet a baby lamb and we all got up close and personal with the sheep and alpacas! (Some of the goats were trying to get a little too up close an personal with Jared...) The alpacas were funny, they almost seemed like people. They were our height and kept looking like they were joining in our conversations! They even posed for pictures.
The day was topped off by dinner at Alan's parent's house. His mom made us an AMAZING Taiwanese meal of pan fried noodles with beef and vegetables, rice with pork and Chinese cabbage, hot and sour soup, Taiwanese style chicken wings and Chinese pastries. We even got leftovers to take with us. (They are already gone!) Mr. and Mrs. Wong were the most gracious hosts and we had such a relaxing end to a wonderful day.
This was, by far, one of the most fun days we have had in a while! Thanks to Marc for the amazing tour, Mrs. Wong for feeding us and the weather for holding out. 

Here are a few more pictures to leave you with. For more GO TO THE STATEN ISLAND ZOO!!!!

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