Going on a Treasure Hunt!

Yesterday we took a trip to the Goodwill Outlet. Yes, you read that right, outlet. I assumed that all Goodwill stores were essentially outlets where you can find gems for a fraction of the price, furniture to refurbish and lots of people's discarded knickknacks. Well thanks to Alan and Kristen, our friends that we went to the zoo with, we were enlightened!

Alan and Kristen or, Kristen and AlanAndKristen as Simon calls them, frequent the Goodwill Outlet. We often Skype in the evening and they show us their amazing finds such as an authentic Coach bag, WW2 Army helmet, nearly new carpet shampooer, silk scarves and cashmere sweaters.

I think the store takes all the items that the regular Goodwill stores haven't sold (I'm not 100% sure, not much info on it!) They place the items in huge bins that you can look through and it's sold by the pound, 99¢ per pound to be exact! Throughout the day they switch out the bins while people stand around ready to hunt. They literally say, "One, two, three, GO!" and people rush the bins and dig. 
We spent about two hours there treasure hunting. I found a bunch of vases that I'm going to spray paint to put on our family room mantle which currently has NOTHING on it! I was on a hunt for an old suitcase to use for a night table I want to make for Simon's room...I guess I'll have to go back!

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