Glitter Globe

I have mentioned my love for saving glass bottles for art projects. Anna and I decided to use on to make a glitter globes. We went to the playroom to find a "treasure" to put inside. After much debating she decided on this Giraffe. She has a recent fascination with these lovely and amazing animals. One day she woke us up at 3:00 in the morning to ask us what sound they make. If you don't know I found this page (not at 3:00 a.m. but the next day) which is quite informative! We recently went to the zoo and on the way home she declared that the Giraffes were her favorite.

To make the glitter globe first glue your object to the lid. I used hot glue. We actually made one of these a few months ago and the hot glue held. I did try to the glue the rock but the first good shake and it was loose so I think its best to work with light objects.

Next we went outside to sprinkle the glitter in the jar.

Then Anna filled the jar with water.

Last just screw on the lid. I think that you may want to put some super glue on the lid other wise you may have glitter water spilled all over your house. 

Here is the first one Anna made. It contains a tiny rubber Ariel. She put way more glitter in this one. I shook them both up before I took the picture. I let Anna decide both times how much glitter to use.

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