Choose Your Battles Wisely

As a parent you know that it is important to choose your battles with your children wisely. Does it actually hurt you if the plate they eat off is pink? No. Is it annoying to put the yellow one back and get out a pink one? Most likely. Is is worth a 30-minute temper tantrum resulting in child eating nothing? I say no.

The other day Sarah and I were chatting about how neither of the older girls will sit in these car seats and it is a major crisis, if we need them too. Since we are always carpooling to school, play dates, museums, etc. sometimes depending on which car we have and what kids are with us, one of them may be asked to sit in one of these dreadful car seats pictured below. The horror, right? So, in our discussion about how we will fit all five kids and both of us into whatever car we were wanting to take to whatever event we want to go to, Sarah had the brilliant idea of painting them. This way the girls could beautify them as they saw fit.

So we had them get on their smocks (acrylic paint) and gave them some paint and brushes. The paint was all neatly separated but all on the same plate.

Which they spent no time turning into this. They were so proud of the pretty colors they made. 

The crazy mom in me wanted to tell them not to do this, but I refrained. I have to admit the colors they made were pretty. Here are their finished products. Hopefully next time we need them to use these, they will remember how much fun they had painting them.

What battles have you choosen to avoid with your kids?

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