Birds of a Feather

I know that Mothers Day was last week but my gift just arrived a few days ago! I don't really need jewelery but Maya insisted to Jared that she MUST get me some! (I'm not complaining!)

Maya is a listener. I was once talking about jewelery and said that I like when it represents the whole family not just mom and kids. I love my Kathy Lo necklace with just the kids but I also wear a bracelet with Chamilia charms which represent the birthstones of family member. She took this into account and chose a necklace that had two parent birds and two baby ones. So cute!

The shop, MegusAttic has all sorts of adorable (and a lot of bird related) jewelery. The shipping was quick, necklace packaged really nicely and I have gotten compliments on it; it's unique looking! The best part is seeing Maya so happy when I wear it and knowing that Jared helped her pick it out. 

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