5's a FAMILY

We are now a family of five. Four plus one equals five. Simple math, but somehow in crazy laundry world it actually equals ten. Since Will was born, it feels like all that I do is laundry (and nurse). I do use cloth diapers, so that is a load (washed twice) every other day. But honestly, the diapers are easy. They are one load of one thing that doesn't need sorted after you wash it. So back to Will. How does one tiny baby with tiny little baby clothes impact our laundry so much? What's a mom to do? So I wash it and dry it and then it sits in my bedroom until I have time to sort it and put it away (days later). The last time my parents came. They are amazing by the way, more on that later. My mom had the idea (she's pretty smart we will keep her around!) to wash a different person's laundry everyday. Get rid of the communal hamper in the hallway? Where will we put our clothes? I was thinking of buying baskets that would slide under everyone's bed, but I had a hard time finding something that was the right size and the right price. I do have to buy five of them, you know. The last time I was at Target I looked at the laundry baskets and they had some that were small and round and $3.50. I didn't buy them at the time because I was still stuck on finding something for under the bed. My search was unsuccessful, so I decided to pick up the laundry baskets at Target tonight. They will live in everyone closet. My plan is to wash each person's laundry, including sheets and towels, separately, everyday (minus the weekend), and put that laundry away before I go to bed. Here's my schedule:
Monday - Anna
Tuesday - Adelyn
Wednesday - Will
Thursday - Bill
Friday - Me

It is so simple it might just work. I'll let you know how it goes after a few weeks. What do you do to fight the war against the never-ending pile of laundry?


  1. Mandi.. I've been thinking of doing that also. I have been singing "It is the chore that never ends.. it just goes on and on my friend..." this and dishes! HATE dishes! Oh my, and we want to eventually be a family of 5! So... how is the daily personal laundering going? Any tips on dishes? Looking forward to meeting up next month!

  2. You are right laundry is an endless chore. The daily personal laundry is amazing! I make myself put it away before I go to bed because if I don't then I know it will snowball and I will have mounds of laundry to put away. I can also get Bill to put away his own laundry on his day because he knows where all of it goes. So that is awesome too! As far as dishes go I try to keep the sink empty. If my dishwasher is full of clean or dirty dishes I will wash them and put them on this cool microfiber drying mat that I got a Bed Bath and Beyond. I also leave the dishes in the dishwasher until they are completely dry and then I put them all away. I open the door and pull out the racks. Hope this helps! Yes, I am also looking forward to seeing you!


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