What is Timehop and who is Abe?

Do you ever think about what you were doing a year ago at this moment? Okay, me neither until I had kids. Every year on their birthday I now think about what I was doing one, two, three years ago at that time. 

"Maya, five years ago right now I was crying, trying to raise my blood pressure so the midwife would let me stay in the hospital." 
**FYI, it didn't work.

"Simon, one year ago right now I was making an anesthesiologist crazy because I couldn't decide whether my leg was tingling and was afraid if I gave him the wrong answer that my leg might fall off." 
**He told me that he had never had a leg fall off because of an epidural and was super patient with me. In hindsight I'm hoping that I provided him some comic relief!

I love to reminisce. I love looking back at old pictures, read letters I wrote in 6th grade that my friends and I passed in between classes. If you love those kind of things as well and also have an iphone, ipad or ipod touch do I have the app for you!! If you don't have an i-anything don't worry, you can get it emailed to you as well!

Timehop is program that can access your any or all of your facebook, twitter, your camera roll, instagram, foursquare and flicker accounts and shows you what you did every year on that date. It was created by the brother of a close friend of ours, Alan, who also enjoys reminiscing! While on the app you can "publish" your memories for your other Timehop friends to see and even comment on them or you can choose to use the app only for yourself.

It's amazing how much things can change in a year. Just look at a year ago with my niece, Maya and Simon. They have grown so much!
Check out Timehop and join me while I reminisce! 

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