When Maya turned one my cousins got her Wedgits for her birthday. At first glance they look like a regular building set but when you take them out to play with them they are addictive!! Each block fits together and makes it easy to build sturdy structures. Maya didn't really start building with them until about 18 months but I played with them before that...I distinctly remember one playdate that Maya had with one of her friends where my friend and I were frustrated that the two kids were taking the Wedgits we were playing with!

Simon, my little guy, is a big fan of them now. He builds and knocks down, builds and knocks down. Typical in his world! These blocks provide the kids (and let's face it, me) creative fun! This is now one of my "go to" gifts for kids.

Now for an update on my organizing project! I've finished four of my sticky notes; I'm on a roll! (I'm also finding new projects to add...ho hum.) I'm finding that stuff is moving from room to room but that pile is getting smaller. I've found things I was looking for, plenty of donations and tons of art supplies! Anyone else have the spring cleaning bug?
Here is some of my progress!



  1. Now you just need a fence in front of that shelf to keep the kids away.

    1. Hahaha! That might be necessary, it took me too long for the kids to just mess it up!


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