Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes

Well the weather is finally starting to get nice here, yay! All I want to do is to be outside every second of the day. This warm weather makes me think differently about food. I got summer food on my brain. I pinned these cupcakes awhile ago but was waiting for the perfect get together to make them for. Our friends invited us over for a barbecue and a play date and I offered to make dessert. Their kids love my cupcakes (who doesn't) so I thought these would be perfect!

First I mixed up and baked the cupcakes using this recipe. Next I cut a hole in each cupcake. I figured it didn't have to be pretty or perfect because the strawberries and whip cream would cover any mistakes (they did).

Anna cut the tops off of each strawberry. This is one of her favorite ways to help. It makes me a little nervous to give her a knife, although she is pretty careful.

Then I placed the strawberries in each of the holes.

I mixed up the whipped cream icing from the same blog post as above. I have to admit I was a little skeptical about the cream cheese in the icing. Only because my kids aren't usually big fans but I thought it was necessary to be able to properly frost them. The kids all seemed to like the icing so I was glad I stuck to the recipe. Addie certainly approved. We told the kids there was a prize in the middle of the cupcakes and they had to find it. Our friends daughter Sage found it first, as you can see she was pretty psyched!

The other kids look pretty happy too!

I used this icing decorating set that I bought on amazon. I used the star tip. I watched a couple of videos on YouTube to learn the basic swirl icing technique. Basically you roll the top of the icing bag up (like you were going to put a twist tie on it). Next start on the outside and work your way to the middle gently squeezing out icing in a counterclockwise motion. You finish by pulling tip upward in a fast motion. The first time I did this I practiced a couple of times on an upside down coffee cup. This way no cupcakes will be harmed if you mess up. These cupcakes are the perfect way to complement any summer gathering. I will definitely be making these again with some local strawberries. Maybe for Mothers Day or my dad's birthday or both!

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