Sponge Balls

I came across this idea on Pinterest and thought it would make a cute addition to the Easter Baskets (although I forgot to put them in see my previous post). I love the way these look.  They reminded me of these balls that I used for my PE teaching classes. We called them fleece balls but they were actually made out of yarn. They were so much FUN!! The Pinterest caption for the tutorial said something about reusable water balloons. Well, they had me at reusable. I thought they would make fun addition to our summer toys. In the summer we love to play outside. We ride bikes, sidewalk chalk, play with balls, paint, and do the water table. What do your kids like to do in the summer? As my kids get older I feel the need to plan for more structured play. I will use these for tossing and catching. Throwing at an object and throwing in a basket. Here is my tutorial for how I made my sponge balls. I bought the sponges (without the scratchpad) and hair ties at target but I am sure you can find something similar at most stores. Each ball uses two sponges. I bought four packs of four sponges and made eight sponges.

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