Simon's Birthday Present

What do you get for the kid that has everything? Kids (mine included) these days have so many toys. It's crazy. It is difficult to figure out what to get them, something that they or their siblings don't already have. I solved this problem by making something for Simon on his birthday. I had pinned this awhile ago, and Sarah and I  thought Simon would love it. Sarah had an old table that they weren't using and gave it to me (thank you) to use for the project. I had Trofast rails (Ikea) left over from when we built our Trofast Toy Storage System. All I needed was Loctite Stick and Seal Glue, chalkboard paint, Trofast bin, and two pieces of 1 x 2 inch wood cut to 17.5 inches. 
Step 1 Sand Sand Sand
With a medium grit sanding block, I sanded the entire table and chair.

Step 2
First, I used a brush to paint all of the edges and corners--anywhere that would be hard to paint with a roller. Next, with a smooth finish roller, I painted the table and chair. As you can see from the picture I did this outside when it was sunny. This was a  BAD, terrible, no-good idea. The paint dried so fast there was no way to go over any drips or imperfect areas. Which is impossible, so I ended up with a rough texture after the first coat. So I got out my sanding blocks out and I SANDED, sanded, and sanded again. Then I painted another coat of paint also outside in the sun. This is because I didn't realize that the  rough texture was due to the very fast dry time in the sun. So I had the same rough surface result. I got out the sanding blocks again and I SANDED, sanded and sanded some more. I dreamed about what it would have been like if I would have just bought the Lack table when I was at Ikea. I contemplated going back and getting one. Then I sanded some more until all of the surfaces were smooth. After a conversation with some nice guys at the paint department at my local Lowes, I left the table and chair in my garage where it was nice and cool and I quickly painted the table and chair. I fixed any drips that I saw and then I walked away. 

Here are some things to keep in mind when painting. Change your clothes. No matter how careful you are you will get paint on your clothing, which will be ruined, and you will be mad. I repeat: change your clothes! Put the item that you are painting on top of something. I like to use bricks or boxes. This allows you to paint all the way to the bottom of the legs. Always start with a brush. Brush any areas that will be hard to reach with the roller. Chalkboard paint is very thick and it does dry fast. It is black which accelerates the dry time when put in the sun. Also, if you need to sand a rough surface you need to start with a coarse sanding block, then a medium one, and at last a fine. This will help get the surface back to smooth.

Step 3
Making a Drawer
The Lack table from Ikea (that they used in the post where I got the idea from) is flat on the bottom. Sarah's table not so much. I was not going to let this table win, so I had to figure out a way to build up the bottom so the rails were lower than the sides of the table, otherwise the drawer would not be able to be opened. This is where the 1 x 2's came in to play. I got the wood at Lowes and while I was there, I had the pieces cut so they would fit inside the bottom of the table. I glued the rails to the wood. For some reason I glued them to the middle of the wood. This would have made the drawer fall onto the floor when opened.

 So I used a hand saw and cut the ends off on one side of both of the pieces of wood so that the rails would line up with the edge of the table. Then I used the drawer to measure where the wood needed to be glued underneath the table. Then I glued them down.

Step 4
Gluing Down the Base Plate
First I used a measuring tape to measure where to place the base plate. Next I spread glue on the bottom of the base plate. I didn't put the glue all the way to the edges so that it wouldn't squeeze out the sides when I pressed down the base plate to the top of the table.


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  1. Nevermind - I just read the first paragraph and saw the rails were from Ikea. My bad. :)


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