Rainy Day Board Game Fun

It was a rainy day here, so we decided to drag out a few of our favorite board games. Fairytale Spinner Game is one of the best. It is made by Eeboo. This game is super fun and creative, perfect for any child, boy or girl. The suggested age is 5 and up. I think this is appropriate. We let Adelyn play with us in a simplified way (if we can get her to sit for 5 minutes), but it is definitely over her head. Players take turns spinning the spinner. The spinner has seven different categories: place, hero, magical helper, transportation, treasure, magical object, and rival. When they land on a category, they have to choose one of the things from that category. For example, the hero category has a princess, little red riding hood, puss and boots, and a king. When they are finished they have to tell a story using all of the game pieces they chose. Be prepared. Their stories will be HILARIOUS!

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