Olive Tapenade: A Super-Easy Appetizer

Would you like a recipe that takes under 5 minutes to make (and to clean up)? A recipe whose ingredients you may store easily in your pantry (I learned this from my mother-in-law---she's smart!). When you have kids, it's hard to run out to the store in order to grab a couple of things, so I always try to keep ingredients for simple appetizers and desserts in the pantry. This way, if we are spontaneously invited to someone's house, we don't have to run to the store. I like to keep olives and crackers in the pantry because I love Olive Tapenade. This recipe is so easy I'm slightly embarrassed when friends ask for it (and they always do). It's delicious! 

1 can of black olives, drained
1 can of green olives with pimentos, drained
favorite crackers

Pour the olives into the food processor and process them for about 3 minutes or until they are finely chopped (I told you it was easy). Serve with your favorite crackers. You can't go wrong here. Honest. Any kind of olives with any other kind of olives is bound to be tasty.

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