My Neato's Name is Mack

So here's the deal. I have NINE more projects to complete with seventeen under my belt. Most of the projects that are left are small, and no one sees, like cleaning my night table drawers, straightening the attic and so on. I'm losing my motivation and really want to get it back! On the other hand the projects that have been done are staying that way and one thing that is motivating me to keep the house clean is the clutter free floors that I can run my team of robotic cleaning machines.

Like Mandi I am a big fan of the Mint, however, unlike Mandi we don't have dogs to pick up the big crumbs so I have to sweep before it works its magic. Instead of investing in a herd of dogs we got the Neato. It's an electronic vacuum that cleans the whole floor (as in the entire downstairs or upstairs).

It uses an infrared "eye" to scan the room and map it out so it doesn't miss a spot. It moves back and forth throughout the room until it is finished and them moves onto the next one! If you want to block it off into a room it uses magnetic strips you put on the floor and it senses them and does not move past them. My kids and their friends find it fascinating and watch it working in our sun room. They even set up chairs to watch. It captivates them; it's funny to watch them watching a vacuum!

One of my favorite features of the Neato is it's ability to sense when the battery is getting low, find it's base, charge and finish its job. We set it and forget it, just like a crock pot. It's great, the Neato gets turned on at night and in the morning we wake up to clean floors!

We recently upgraded to the Neato Pet and Allergy Upgrade Kit. It has made the unit quieter and it is picking up a lot more dirt and cat hair! My husband ordered the upgrade and, I admit, I was not sure it would make a difference but it really has!

I have a silly secret; our cleaning appliances have names. We got the Mint first and called it Rosey after the robot maid from the Jetsons. When we got the Neato we also needed to name it and, as a big fan of the Jetsons as a kid, remembered that Rosey had a boyfriend in an episode, Mack. Now Rosey and Mack work together to clean our house!

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