Llama Llama Pooped!

Have you read the Llama Llama books by Anna Dewdney with your kids? I love them; they are short enough to keep kids attention but long enough to have a story. I discovered them when Maya was about three and a half at the library and quickly knew that they were keepers! I love the rhyming and I can totally relate to the books. You'll understand if you read them!

We just started reading them to Simon and he's obsessed! He requests "Wamma Wamma" every night before bed and he sleeps with his "Wamma Wamma" stuffed animal every night.

Simon has been thinking about potty training and seems to have it on his mind at all times. He uses it to try to get out of bedtime, "pee pee potty!", or nap time, "pee pee potty" or anything else he wants to avoid because he knows that we will drop everything and run to the bathroom! With this on his mind he was holding his Llama Llama stuffed animal and we had the following conversation:

Simon: [Laughing] Mama, Wamma Wamma poopy.
Me: What? 
Simon: [Pointing at Llama Llama's tail] He make poopy!
Me: [Trying to contain my laughter] And where should he make poopy?
Simon: Wamma Wamma make poopy on the potty!

At this point we were hysterical, I could totally see how why he thought that his tail was a poop! He was studying it intently trying to figure out why it was there and what it was coming from. Think about it, this child thinks now we own a doll with poop coming out, I'd be confused too!

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  1. This is hilarious. I was looking for a llama llama potty book and came upon your post. Clever guy your little boy


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